Cat Paw Socks

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Do you love feeling fuzzy and are a cat lover?


These cat paw socks will provide you with the feeling of warmth and coziness while also styling your feet with a cute kitty look. 

They are a wonderful choice as a gift for the cat lover in your life, or if your trying to treat yourself with a gift to pamper yourself and show yourself self some love

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Features of Our Cat Claw Socks

  • Made from coral fleece 
  • Comes in one size which fits the majority of women’s feet
  • Goes up 4 inches from your ankle
  • Lots of different styles for whatever look you find the cutest
  • Bottom of kitty feet socks has cute little paw print
  • Top of sock has design to look like cat claws
  • Purchase contains 1 pair of cat paw socks

Fuzzy Cat Paw Socks: In Depth Description

First off, our socks are super cozy and fluffy. And when I say that, do not take my words lightly. Our cat claw socks are made with the material coral fleece. We all know what plain fleece is like. It is a super nice material that is recognized as something you want in your clothing if you want a cozy garment. Well, coral fleece is actually thicker and fuzzier than normal fleece. Basically, you are not going to have to worry about having cold feet when you are wearing our cat feet socks. Regular socks do not do the trick as well as as our fuzzy cat socks. On a cold winter morning, does it not sound nice to find a good book, get a steaming cup of coffee, and throw on some super fuzzy paw socks?

Our fuzzy cat paw socks also features some really cute designs. These socks are designed to look like cat paws. There are 6 different designs to pick from. Each design is cuter than the last. We have striped, solid, and polka dot style kitten paw socks. All of our fluffy cat socks are white near the toe region. On the top of the toes, there is a design that looks like cat claws. Our socks have cat paw prints on the bottom.



Common Questions About Our Cat Paw Socks

Who should get these fuzzy cat paw socks?

These cat paw socks are great for all cat lovers, and those looking to get a family member or friend a great gift for any holiday anytime of the season. If you love cats, and love being cozy, then you are going to love our kitty paw socks. This product is for any person that loves being warm and fuzzy.

How does the sizing for the cat claw socks work?

These socks come in a one size fits all. These socks will most likely fit you. If you order them and they don’t fit just right, you can send them back to us. We will refund the price of the socks, but you will have to pay postage.

How long does shipping take?

The cat claw socks takes four to seven days to be shipped to your house by USPS mail service. The shipping from USPS costs 4.99.

What is the return policy?

Our return policy is you can return the cat paw socks within 30 days. We want all our customers to be given a great customer experience, so if you need to return the fuzzy paw socks for any reason, you can just shoot us an email, and we will arrange the details.

I am sorry I introduced to you such a delightful and cute item. If I was seeing these socks for the first time, I would be drooling over them.

Want to be pampered and reminded of cute kitties everyday?

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A – Light and Dark Grey Striped, B – Brown and Black Dotted, C – Grey and Black Striped, D – Golden Brown, E – Light and Dark Brown Dotted, F – Black